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Barbara Buck- John Day, Oregon

Losing my hair during my chemotherapy treatment was far more traumatic than I had anticipated. Friends tried to make me feel better by saying “hair is overrated”; easy to say when you have hair! And the only people who honestly think “bald is beautiful” are men who are intentionally bald. Think about it…millions are made on hair re-growth treatments and hair plugs.

A nice hat or scarf not only covers your bald head and makes you feel better about your appearance but also keeps that bare head warm. I have tried several head coverings but I tend to prefer pre-tied scarfs. They are easy to slip on and they stay on that smooth head. The bamboo scarfs are particularly nice because they are super soft and won’t irritate your head. When you find what you like buy them in different colors and prints. After all, your friends are right when the say you are saving money on cuts, colors, styles and hair products! So treat yourself…you deserve it!