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Car: Seat Belt Positioner

2/14/2019 Comforting Your Seat Belt These triangle wedges can safely position the seat belt lower on the neck and shoulder by narrowing the angle of the belt return from the buckle. They are quick to place on or remove from the seat belt. - Trudi Cruzen, OT, CDRS

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Adjustable Height Shower Seats

2/12/2019 Things to remember: Adjustable leg heights - a taller seat surface makes standing up easier Having a back support allows for positioning but can limit arm reach Removable arm rests give help to push up and guiding balance but can also limit reaching around...

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2/8/2019 Help Out Your Bath Time Where to place a hand held shower nozzle inside an already existing shower is an individual choice. These suction devices allow placement without tools and without drilling. They need to be placed on a smooth surface (not tile with...

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Cane Buddy

A Cane for Convenient Needs Having the cane buddy attached to my cane allows me to carry coffee with a lid, water, my phone, wallet and even snacks...things I used to carry easily when I had use of both hands. It has been a real life changer for me in helping me be...

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Your Mobility – Your Independence Often times people don't want to use adaptive equipment because they feel they don't need it, or they think if they give in and use it then they are weaker. This isn't the case at all. If you need an item, and choose not to get it,...

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