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“Whether temporary or your ‘new normal’, we provide solutions and inspiration for your everyday success.”

Mindy Laidlaw

What is Adaptive Life Solutions?

Adaptive Life Solutions is my website and blog, created to help you better navigate your world. Whether your barrier to successful daily living is temporary or your ‘new normal’, I can help you find a solution to your difficult situation. On my website, I have devoted an entire section to specific needs and corresponding adaptive devices. On my blog, I have addressed various issues related to activities of daily living and mobility. I hope you find my website and blog useful and that you come back and visit again soon!

Why Adaptive Life Solutions?

It will be unique in that you identify the category that you are having problems with…

A list of items, solutions and guidance/education on how to use the product will be available. I know how discouraging it is when you aren’t able to complete something that needs to be accomplished in order to go on with your day. I want to bring you hope.

Adaptive Life Solutions

Mindy Laidlaw

Mindy Laidlaw


Helping others is what feeds my soul…

Ever since I can remember, helping people was my purpose in life and something that felt natural. It was through my life’s experiences that opened the door that led me to my true calling, a career in Occupational Therapy.

Originally I was attending school to become an interior designer, up until my grandfather suffered a severe stroke. I packed up my bags and drove up to help my grandmother get situated and comfortable with their new “normal.” I was the primary caretaker of my grandfather due to the age of my grandmother. This involved sitting through his occupational therapy sessions. It was there I began seeing the improvements my grandfather was making. He had limited motion, but with the use of his adaptive equipment he was able to accomplish some of his daily routine tasks. This was amazing and a true gift.

I followed my heart and attended the occupational therapy program at Pacific University, graduating in 1988. 30 years later and my desire to help others is stronger then ever. I am so excited for you to experience my website. My hope for you is that you come to my site with challenges and leave with ways to overcome them.

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